Kostar og geldur (Faroese): Cost & Payment

One of the most difficult conversations you can have with a customer.

We try to work with your unique budget, below are our starting prices.

Branding & Logo

Starting price: $5,000
Depending on your design requirements, the final cost may be more.
Future Alterations: $85/hr

Includes: Single Logo and Multiple Font Color Versions.

Additional Services Available at an Extra Cost:
Business Card Design, Letterhead, Packaging, Variations of Logo, Marketing Materials, Variation of Logo Colors (Logo Color Variations may be made available for no additional charge depending on the complexity of the design)

Web Design

Starting price: $4,500 for 1st page
Each additional page starting at: $1,000
Depending on your design requirements, the final cost may be more.
Future Alterations: $85/hr

Includes: Desktop, Tablet, Side-View Mobile and Mobile Page Format Designs
We Offer 1 year of Free Minor Alterations (e.g. changes to text, font, and image substitutions that have the same aspect ratios)

Development of Back-End is available at an additional cost (log-in, database, CMS for sales, etc.)


Prices Based on Annual Pre-Payment
Webflow Parking: $10/month
Hosting Service: $15/month
Hosting Bundle Price: $20/month
Hosting/Alteration Bundle Price: $30/month

Hosting/Alteration Bundle includes 2 hours of major alterations, not included in Free Alteration offer, and discounted future alteration price of $75/hr

Webflow Parking includes continuing to park your Webflow site for easy changes and code export; conversely we can transfer the Webflow project to you. You'll need a paid Webflow account if you wish to export any of your code changes in the future.

Hosting includes free SSL certificate, subdomains, redirects, website set-up and 3GB of email storage, you may have as many mailboxes as you wish up to a maximum of 3GB of storage.

FAIR USE POLICY: Our shared hosting services are not intended to support excessive use of bandwidth. We strive to provide at least 72 hours notice to allow customers to make adjustments before we take any corrective action. Average bandwidth is considered 12671MB per month, use of more than 2 times average bandwidth may require corrective action.


Project Acceptance: a 25% deposit is due.

Design Acceptance: (logo, branding or website design) a 25% payment is due.

Finished Project: Remaining 50% due


10% - Full Payment of entire project at the time of Project Acceptance
5% - Full Payment of remaining amount due at time of Design Acceptance


Between Project Acceptance and Design Acceptance, customer may choose to cancel the project and receive a 50% refund of the non-discounted 25% Project Acceptance deposit.*

*If payment was made in full at the time of Project Acceptance the 50% refund is calculated as follows:
$10,000 Project, paid in full at Project Acceptance would be charged $9,000. The non-discounted Project Acceptance deposit for this project would have been 25% of $10,000 or $2,500. Therefore, the refund amount would be 50% of $2,500 or $1,250.

After Design Acceptance - No Refunds